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Warehouse Services

Ripening Rooms and Dock Space. Double-Racked Coolers, Ethylene Sensitive Commodities & Damaged Goods Repacking.
Our facility is approximately 130,000 SQ FT, including the ripening rooms and dock space, with the capacity to hold approximately 6,500 pallets. Our facility has 8 double-racked coolers, with temperatures ranging from -17°F to 60°F and 17 loading and unloading enclosed dock doors. Our rooms are sealed to handle ethylene sensitive commodities. Further, our warehouse is equipped with a variety of forklifts, our specialty being the single-double forklifts, slip sheet lift, and the squeeze lift. With these tools, we are able to provide our customers additional services such as shipping and receiving exports and performing repacks of damaged goods.

Maintained Product Environment using ThermalTECH® Ripening, Pressure Cooling and/or Ripening.
The key to Del Norte is our expert attention to the quality of the environment your product is maintained in. Our ripening rooms have the capacity to hold 536 pallets, either for your pressure cooling and/or ripening needs.

We have 22 ThermalTECH® ripening rooms which allow us to computer control Temperature, Humidity and Ventilation and maintain the quality of your product.

Computerized Refrigeration Systems with Remote Monitoring & Alarms
Further, our refrigeration system is fully computerized with remote monitoring and alarm systems. Data is recorded every fifteen minutes and transmitted via modem to our computer room servers.

Additional Information and Services:
•Cross-Docking and Rearranging
•Repack Damaged Goods
•Consolidation services
•Exports & Imports
•On-site Office Space
•Fruit Inspection can be arranged through our representatives at Decofruit
•Web Based Inventory Tracking and Scanning System
•Ability to print Barcodes for receiving products
•Available space for a packinghouse

Transportation with Our Sister Company
We can provide our customers with transportation services with our sister company, Channel Islands Logistics. Channel Islands Logistics offers OTR, FTL and LTL transportation services throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada. We currently operate 59 ARB compliant semi-trucks and our trailers are monitored by StarTrac. We have drivers going to and from the Bay Area, Central Valley, LA Market, Compton and Riverside on a daily basis and are experienced navigating through Southern Californian highways.

Port of Hueneme Logistics & Cross-Docking Service
We can arrange for your load to be picked up by Channel Islands Logistics and brought over to our facility to be cross-docked into your trailer, if you are unable to pull loads from the Port of Hueneme.

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